About Me

My name is Sara Fleming and I am a fitness trainer and USA Weightlifting coach in addition to being the mother of three busy kids and wife to an ER physician. I have rather eclectic training interestes, but mostly train for strength and power in my basement with barbells.  I have participated in a number of obstacle course races, including the Tough Mudder.  I also compete in powerlifting and highland games.  Most of my post are about the kids and adults I train, diet, and my own training and competitions.   Feel free to use the google search function on my home page to find workouts or training programs you're interested in.

I have a bachelor’s degree in biology and a masters degree in biochemistry from Georgetown University and spent 10 years as a medical researcher studying cancer and infectious disease before taking time off to start a family. I am certified through the International Sports Sciences Association and USA Weightlifting as a Certified Fitness Trainer and USA Weightlifting Club Coach.  I am also a certified level 1 USA Track and Field coach and am a coach with the Carolina Elite Track and Field club.  I have also attended CrossFit and Kettlebell Pump certifications.

I believe that strength is essential for a sound, functional body. I have found through personal experience, both with myself and others, that appropriate strength and conditioning can make the difference for those of us to whom genetics and biomechanics were not so kind. A balanced training program can prevent injuries, coordinate the uncoordinated, strengthen the weak, and hasten the slow. The foundation of a balanced training program, regardless of the ultimate goal, must be strength. Without strength, our joints cannot support the forces being applied to them, our muscles become unbalanced, and we cannot endure long periods of stress.

I teach strength and conditioning to adults and teens alike for both general fitness and athletic goals. I have a personal interest in the sport of weightlifting.

My main goal in training is to make it both fun as well as challenging. Being strong gives you more endurance, more energy, makes you run faster, jump higher, play harder, and helps you burn more calories at rest. Everyone can benefit from getting stronger and anyone can get strong regardless of age or disabilities.

Have fun, get strong!

Sara Fleming