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We never question why we might find a thing fascinating.  Or beautiful.  We just do.  We are drawn to it.  We fantasize about it.  We ascribe qualities to it that may or may not exist in reality.  Most of it exists in the eye of the beholder and unless we are a gifted artist or poet, we can rarely describe exactly what it is that holds our attention so keenly.

Get stronger.  Get faster. Get better at doing that thing.  It all happens from practice.  Repetition.  Consistency.  Time.  At intensities that allow for more perfect time and time again.  Always trying for more perfect.  No one else may understand, but you know.
As I've grown older and wiser, I've witnessed how we can ultimately distill the most results from the simplest practices.  How staying out of your own way and advancing the ball makes you more successful.  How most people overemphasize complexity and disregard simple practice.  Simple is beautiful.  Simple is effective.
Stay focused. There are a lot of distra…

Selection or Development?

Teaching kids to work hard these days involves a lot of challenges.  One of the biggest challenges is getting them to keep trying when they just aren't as fast, strong, or skilled as their peers in whatever sport they are trying to excel in.  What is actually known about kids and development is that a lot of kids just show up that way.  Puberty, the great equalizer, takes a lot more time to show up and start building that strength, endurance, and coordination that full grown adults are gifted with.  In the meantime, those who struggle are often discouraged from trying harder or even sticking it out to allow time to do its magic.

So, aside from being naturally gifted, what is the one thing that can keep the not-so-gifted from giving up altogether?

Well, its an easy question to answer.  The parents and coaches who have the privilege of working with kids need to understand the difference between selection and development.

There are a lot of sports these days where kids are funneled i…

What is Fitness?

So, before we get into what we need to do to improve our fitness, let’s talk about what it actually is. Forget for a moment that all the glossy magazine images and Instagram posts don’t exist and let’s simply define fitness as what it is and how it applies to the human body.

Fitness is the ability to complete a task. And so, just like that, you have to think of your fitness as task-specific. What are the tasks that you want to be able to accomplish? Do you want to restore your ability to live a functional life? Do you want to play a sport? Do you want to train for a race or a strength competition?

Regardless of the task, there are three qualities that your body needs to have in order to function well in a way that is resistant to injury and does not restrict your participation in daily activities. These are strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness and are the foundation of basic fitness. These qualities need to be in place in order to optimally build a more functional …