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Recommended Daily Allowance

"OMG!  I just started this new death bootcamp where you run in circles while they shoot at you with real bullets and I started their diet where you only eat spiders and kale and I lost 45 lbs of fat and am in the best shape of my life!  You've got to try this!"

Maybe this sounds familiar to you.  Not word for word of course, but we all have that friend (or have been that friend) who drastically changes something in their life and believes their new path is the one true way to good health and salvation from going up a pant size every year.  And we listen, sometimes amused, sometimes amazed, and sometimes we try it out for ourselves.
What the above quote actually translates to is usually something more like this:

"OMG!  I finally started exercising for an hour 5 days a week and started paying attention to my diet!  I didn't realize that eating crap and  not exercising would make me gain 45 lbs over the last five years and feel like a garbage can!"
But somehow,…

Let's Talk About Context . . .

Powerlifters shouldn't do cardio.Long distance runners should avoid heavy lifting.All explosive athletes should be doing plyometrics, snatches, and cleans.To get fit in all areas of fitness, you should train by doing everything.

Most of us know that the above statements are bombastic nonsense.  However, depending on where you are in the training cycle they can be partly true (which is why a lot of people believe them).  But, for the most part, as general statements about these activities as a whole, they are overwhelmingly false.

I encourage my powerlifters to do cardio.  It increases their work capacity during training sessions and helps recovery, not to mention general health.  How much and how often?  Well, its generally not a lot unless they have a concurrent endurance training goal (which we know will mean they will need a lot more time and managed expectations).  Go for a short jog, a walk, or a bike ride a few times a week, don't sit all day, and don't eat like you&…