Wednesday, May 21, 2014

DNA Weightlifting Club

The DNA Weightlifting Club has been making some great strides lately.  My fellow coaches, Diana Ceron and Steve Johnson of CrossFit RDU, and I have managed to qualify four lifters for Nationals this year.  I'm just going to take this opportunity to show them off a little bit.

Anna Johns has lifted for me for about three years now.  She has always primarily been a CrossFit competitor, but last September began focusing solely on weightlifting to qualify for and compete in the American Open.  As a 58 kg lifter, she currently has a 142 kg total and after competing in the CrossFit Open is back to training for weightlifting.  She is competing at a weightlifting meet at Port City CrossFit this weekend and I expect her total to go up.  At Nationals, I'm confident we'll see a significant improvement.  Here we see her making her snatch opener attempts at 61 kg for this weekend's upcoming meet at Port City CrossFit.

I first met Meredith Buckner last Fall.  She is a coach at CrossFit RDU and a dedicated athlete.  As a 53 kg lifter, she recently made a competition total of 134 kg.  I think she's got another 10 kg in the tank.  This is Meredith at the Athletic Lab competition in mid-February making a 70 kg clean and jerk.

Diana Ceron, who is also one of our coaches, trained with the Colombian National Team for a number of years and is technically far ahead of most lifters I've seen.  She's currently competing as a 63 and has snatched 85 kg  and clean and jerked 100 kg in competition.  We hope to have her down to the 58 kg weight class by Nationals in July.  Here is Diana with a 100 kg clean and jerk.

Our newest member is a natural athlete and has strength to burn.  As a former football player, Richard Koonce can currently squat 500 lbs for reps and recently qualified with a 303 kg total.  We expect that to go up over the next 8 weeks of training as we mainly need to hone technique and confidence.  Here is Richard doing snatch pulls with 184 kg/405 lbs.

I'm so very proud of all our weightlifting club members and need to thank my fellow coaches, Diana Ceron and Steve Johnson for their continuing support of the club and our athletes.  As an aside, CrossFit RDU is one of the few gyms in North Carolina with a true focus on strength.  With both a powerlifting club under the guidance of three-time world IPF champion Phil Farmer and a stand alone weightlifting club, CF RDU is one of the few gyms I would feel confident sending my clients for focused and progressive strength training.

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