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Pregnancy, Fitness, Being Strong, and Realizing You Don't Have to Prove Anything to Anybody

I have to admit, I've been a little irritated lately.  Lots of pregnant women in the news these days doing things to "prove that pregnancy isn't a disease"   And they are doing things that I really wouldn't recommend a woman in her third trimester do.  Lifting heavy weights, running marathons, maybe there are some entering lumberjack competitions, I have no idea.

And then there are those, like this woman in the Huffington Post Article, claiming that certain types of exercise practically guarantee a healthier pregnancy and easier delivery.  This is complete and utter bullshit.  I'll be frank, intense exercisers have their share of miscarriages and morbidly obese inactive people can have perfectly healthy pregnancies with two hour natural deliveries.  Your exercise program is not a guarantee of anything.

The truth is, exercise is good for you, even when you are pregnant.  And a good moderate exercise program will probably help you maintain your weight and giv…