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USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coaching Course in Raleigh NC

My weightlifting club, Have Fun, Get Strong, #1321 is hosting a Level 1 Coaching course atCrossFit RDU on June 22nd and 23rd with Michael McKenna as instructor. I am hosting the course to raise money for my club to send one of my lifters, Diana Ceron, to the American Open.  Diana has recently returned to weightlifting after giving birth to her daughter.  As a 53 kg lifter, she had a total of 188 kg.  She is currently a 63 kg lifter with a current 166 kg total.  We hope to re-qualify her as a 58 kg lifter this fall with a goal total of 180 kg.  

If you have any interest in becoming a level one weightlifting coach, please consider attending!

Registration Link