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Nutrition and Training: Common Sense Works Best

There's so much on the internet these days about the right way to train and eat that I really have nothing to add.   In fact, the advice I give hasn't changed much in the last five years and I've only grown more resolute that its the best path to a functional healthy life.  Unfortunately, what I have to say is not sexy or exciting and it seems too simple to work.  Surely one must attack everything with great vigor and scrutiny to succeed at fitness and health, but the truth is, simple still works best.  Having trained horses for a number of years, I can honestly say that even with equines, focusing on too many things at once is stressful, diminishes performance and function, and increases risk of injury.

If your approach to diet and fitness is too complicated, how can you truly maximize the qualities that will give you the greatest benefit?  Whether your goal is body composition or performance, a solid strength training program, a sensible diet, and some aerobic base tra…