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Goals and Plans

If you're like me, you're sitting on the couch in your pajamas watching Phineas and Ferb and trying to figure out what to write down as your goals for the year.  I would call these goals "resolutions", but resolutions don't get very far in this house so I prefer to set goals.  There are many goals that we all want to set in the beginning of the year, but the ones that I typically deal with in my practice are the diet and exercise goals, weight loss being the most typical.

When you set a goal, the most important next step is to come up with a plan.  Preferably a plan that supports not only your goal, but the other aspects of your life that can't afford to be displaced.  These include your job, your family, your health, and your self-worth.  This may sound simple, but time and time again, I see people sabotaging most or all of the above in pursuit of a goal because of poor planning.  How?  Well, change is difficult.  Changing our routine requires a change in s…