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My Tough Mudder: Part II

And now for the rest of the story.

At the conclusion of my last telling, we had traversed about 14 obstacles including a number of mud and water crossings that may or may not have been actual obstacles.  We had encountered three water/fuel stations including one with bathrooms (this is important for older people and those who have given birth at least once) and had stopped to wash the sand out of our shoes a few times.  One of our teammates, Suzanne, was starting to feel the effects of the cold made obvious by her shivering and her nose turning blue, and I, as our team leader (mother hen), made her put on a hat (swim cap).

The next segment was a longer running bit during which we encountered some rather friendly characters including three young men who were trying to get into the spirit of Halloween by carrying a pumpkin and a bag of candy throughout the race.  They very generously offered us some of their candy supply as they ran past with their pumpkin.   We were taking another cle…

My Tough Mudder: Part 1

Well, we finally did it. Team GeriAtrocities traveled to Society Hill, South Carolina early Saturday morning to complete the Tough Mudder Carolinas challenge and we were not disappointed.  There were eight total members on our team and we ranged in age from 39 to 46, four women and four men.  Two of our team members live outside of Charlotte and so did their training on their own.  The other six of us are in Raleigh and have spent the last 8 weeks doing some team training during which we practiced the specific skills and strength we would need for the race with obstacle training stations.

To condition ourselves for running AND strength efforts, we gradually increased the running distances between these stations as well as the total number of obstacle stations we included in each session.  We trained together once a week and started with six obstacle stations with a quarter mile run between each station.  Our last training session, the week before our challenge included fourteen obst…

Final Tough Mudder Training Day

Well, we're almost there.  Our Tough Mudder is this coming Saturday and we are about to do our last workout today.  It will involve a total of 10 miles running and 14 obstacle stations.  This is still less than the actual race, but many of the Tough Mudder obstacles are psychologically challenging rather than strength challenges.  Our goal today is to sustain our efforts for the entire time without breaking down significantly, practice a consistent race pace together,  and figure out the last bits of strategy that will help us succeed as a team.

There is no need to push the prowler today or do any agility drills.  We're as strong and conditioned as we can possibly get and unless we had another four to six weeks to work on it, its not going to get any better.  In fact, for most of my teammates, I would strongly suggest they do little else this week other than a shorter run, a long walk, a yoga session, or even a little swimming.  Anything that is not intense or obstacle specif…