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Tough Mudder Obstacles

The Tough Mudder has 25 obstacles, most of which involve getting wet or muddy in some form or another.  There are those that challenge your (my) fear of heights as well as your (my)  fear of enclosed spaces.  There are others such as the 15 foot rope climb and monkey bars that require a good amount of upper body and grip strength.  And then there are those such as the maze of electrified wires that simply require one to think, "Oh, it can't be that bad . . .."

So, I finally took a look at the map of the Carolinas race and made a list of the individual obstacles.  Although these obstacles are subject to change, I have to say right off the bat, that I think its a really good idea for the race organizers to post the obstacles ahead of time.  Knowing exactly what we're getting into allows us to prepare ourselves and train intelligently.  It is much easier to prepare someone for a goal than a random challenge.  Although a random challenge may be fun from time to time, co…

Speed Work or How-running-got-much-much-worse.

My Tough Mudder training has been going okay for the most part.  I've worked up to being able to run about ten miles a week and my pace has improved from a virtual crawl to a solid eleven minute mile.  Yes, its still laughably pathetic, but I never had much more than a nine minute mile in me.  In fact, my best 400m ever was about 1:48.  To put that into perspective, my eight year old son runs the 400 in 1:28.  Its okay, I don't care, I can do pullups, my kids think I'm really strong, and I know how to use a compass.  (That last one is kind of irrelevant to any of this, but it makes me feel smart.)

So, just when I was getting used to all this running and lifting all at the same time, I got a new set of instructions from my friend Dave.  I have to admit, it was the funniest thing I'd read in a while.  Mainly because it started out something like this:  "Power pacing intervals for cruising speed . . . blah . . . blah blah." It then went on to explain how I was g…