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Sticking to the Goal

Its about 4 weeks into the first phase of my Tough Mudder training plan so far and it seems to be working.  As I posted a few weeks ago, I had to be forced to simplify my training plan to running three days a week with strength work on the other two day.  After two weeks of pain and suffering, running 3 miles has become "easy". Not easy in the way that sitting on the couch is easy, but my aerobic capacity seems to have finally woken up and started working for me.  My calves are still shocked that they are being forced to work in this manner on a regular basis, but aside from some mild soreness, they've fallen in line as well.  The strength work has stabilized as well and I've been able to increase load and/or volume on my strength workouts.  
So, in a nutshell, I still don't like running, but its no longer horrible and I'm back to using a barbell with regularity and ease.
So, what now?
Well, in many ways I am like a dog who sees a squirrel.  I was at Youth US…

Obstacle Course Race Training: Writing a Book

I've been given a unique opportunity in the past few months to come up with a book proposal for training for obstacle course races.  There are a lot of websites that offer this kind of advice, but I've always preferred a simpler approach to these sorts of things.  I think that most healthy people with no major joint issues or injuries can train to complete one of these races and the training itself can be quite simple and a lot of fun, especially when training with friends.  The key is to pick an appropriate race, give yourself enough time to prepare for it, and have a relatively accurate expectation of the challenges.

So, in writing this book, I'm going to draw a lot from my own experiences training and competing as well as those of my friends and clients who have also trained and competed.  I think the more stories I can gather, the more fun this book will be.  Since you, my readers, provided me this opportunity by making my blog so popular, I would love to share your …

Obstacle Course Training: Dichotomy

Now that I have finished my Highland Games training and successfully competed (by successfully, I mean that I finished the competition and suffered no major injuries) I have jumped right into my training plan for the Tough Mudder.  Here's a funny thing about trainers and coaches:  Its actually really hard to stand back and take an objective look at exactly how one should proceed with one's own training plan.  I've successfully trained a number of people for a variety of events with a broad range of goals, but when it comes to myself I have a big blind spot.  Although with my clients I am a big proponent of moderation in training, for myself I tend to want to do way too much, way too often.  So, I turned my training plan over to my friend Dave.

Dave is a unique individual in that he was at one time a competitive bike racer on the road, track, and trail.  This requires a lot of dedication, ability to withstand pain, and some superhero genes.  When his career ended due to kne…