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Practical Strength for Trainers Seminar, Primal Fitness June 30th and July 1st

Our next Practical Strength for Trainers seminar will take place on June 30th and July 1st at Primal Fitness in Washington, DC.  Topics will include assessment, power development, strength development, and endurance training with a focus on workout organization, long term planning, and effective coaching through observation, correction, and instruction.  There will also be several "time under bar" segments where our students will be able to put these concepts into practice.

As a group we believe that the most important aspect of effective training is effective learning.  A good coach is also a good teacher and must have a fundamental understanding of what to teach, when to teach it, and how to teach it.  Our goal is provide our students with a practical hands-on experience that hones and puts into context their own skills and abilities as trainers, coaches, and/or self-trained athletes.  

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The Highland Games

Last summer, I became intrigued by the idea of learning how to throw heavy things.  As a weightlifting coach with unfortunate limb ratios for competitive weightlifting and a few friends who compete in Highland Games (and blather on incessantly about how awesome it is), I was excited to see if throwing might be a good outlet for my training.  I'm relatively strong, can produce a good amount of power, and have long limbs.  However, I am also relatively small compared to most throwers and therefore do not have a mass advantage.  That leaves me with mostly strength and technique as my assets.  Not yet knowing how to throw and not having a coach other than you-tube was going to make the technique part a bit of a challenge.

I didn't really intend to compete in the Highland Games, just use the throws to keep my training fun and set some backyard PRs, but then a friend of mine in Texas decided to host a Highlander.  A Highlander is a hybrid Highland Games and Strongman competition a…