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Training for the Warrior Dash

Over the past couple of years, obstacle course races such as the Warrior Dash have become insanely popular.  Since I first posted about training for the Warrior Dash, I've gotten a lot of inquiries from clients and other trainers about how exactly one should train for the Warrior Dash or similar short distance obstacle course races.  I've heard people tout everything from Crossfit to P90X to not training at all as being the best way to train for one of these races, but I believe there is a middle ground that can serve far more people, especially beginners, without getting too extreme or requiring a lot of equipment.  Obviously, the best training protocol is tailored for the individual, but with a little information, its relatively easy to tweak a program for your own needs and fitness level.

The first time I saw a video of the Warrior Dash on Youtube, I thought to myself, "Those people are crazy."

I also thought, "I want to do that".  
I watched a few mo…

Training Our Youth: What Happened?

One of the big questions in the strength and conditioning community is "Are good athletes born or made?"  I think the answer depends on how you define the words "good athlete".  If you mean an individual who performs flawlessly at the top of his or her sport with tremendous strength, power, grace, and determination, well, that's mostly genetics.  If you simply mean someone who is dedicated and performs reasonably well under pressure, then we can cast a wider net.  I gave birth to one natural athlete and two others who are more like me, ie, can be improved with focused training.  All three benefit a great deal from the training we do at home which primarily takes the form of play and a little bit of work.  However, I think that if we are interested in raising a generation of healthy active people, we need to focus less on turning our children into great athletes and go back to focusing on general fitness.  This will serve both our athletes and our general popul…