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Should children lift weights?

Of course they should.  Besides, if we told them not to, they'd do it anyway.  What kid doesn't try and lift up their siblings, friends, dog, cat, the big rock in the yard, or whatever heavy object they think looks like fun to try and lift?  So, left to their own devices, that's what they do.  Why not introduce them to correct movement patterns while they're at it?

But, is it safe?  A lot of doctors used to advise against it.  What do they actually say about it now?

Well, they say its safe.  Not only safe, but essential for pre-teen and teenage athletes who play sports to avoid injuries.  In fact, supervised weight training with a qualified coach or trainer has a much lower injury rate than most sports.

Below you will find an article I wrote back in 2008 on the American Academy of Pediatrics policy on strength training for children an adolescents.  This statement recommends against powerlifting for children, however, more recent statements have allowed for this type …

Power Training for Seniors

Below, you will find an article that I wrote four years ago when I first began training clients. Shortly after writing this article, I had the opportunity to train my 67 year old father who was recovering from an extensive abdominal surgery. I put a lot of these principles into practice with designing his rehab training plan and we were quite successful at not only improving his core strength and posture, but also in restoring some neck and shoulder mobility that he had lost during his recovery and increasing his overall conditioning. We mostly worked with medicine balls and kettlebells and used standing postures whenever possible.

I have recently been working with my mother who has had bi-lateral hip replacements. In the past two years, she has been able to go from barely being able to walk up stairs and get in and out of a chair without assistance, to easily climbing stairs, getting not only out of chairs and off the floor, and this summer, hiked 2 miles up a mountain with our f…

Practical Strength for Trainers

I'm going to take a moment and promote another project I'm working on.

Some friends and colleagues and I have been planning a seminar for trainers, coaches, athletes, and folks who just want to learn more about the practical application of strength and conditioning.  Our first seminar is planned for March 24 and 25 in Malvern, PA at Malvern Prep.  We will be teaching the use of barbells, stones, implements, and odd objects for the development of general and sport specific power, strength, and conditioning.  The seminar will be largely hands on with the teaching focus on enabling individuals to incorporate these techniques into the context of their own training and that of their clients.

You can find more information at our seminar website:  Practical Strength for Trainers.