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Happy Father's Day!

I have a great one myself who taught me to fish, hunt, plant a garden, build a fence, use power tools, split wood, feed a baby bird, enjoy a long hike, kayak and canoe, how to be a good listener, and to also be patient and kind.

"All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

And so, what to do about training these next two weeks?  I'm taking two weeks off and so I am going to be ecological and recycle. 

June 21 - June 26th

June 28th - July 3rd

Take care and have fun!

Training Schedule, June 7th - June 12th

Wow!  Its hot!  Hopefully it will cool off soon.  If you are doing any outside exercise this week (or for the rest of the summer for that matter) be sure to do it in the morning or evening when the air is cooler and more importantly, the air quality is better.  Running outside when the air quality is in the orange or red zone is pretty darn close to sucking on a tailpipe or having a cigarette.  Why?  Well we consume a lot more air than if we were sitting on the back porch sipping tea and we often breathe through our mouths which bypasses our natural air filter, the nose.  For more information read this article.

For the rest of you, who prefer to suffer under the iron, I have a lot of fun in store for you this week.  Continuing with our undulating periodization schedule, here goes:

Monday, June 7th

Medium Intensity, Barbell Complex:
8 reps of each, 5 rounds
Hang power clean
Push press
Front squat

Tuesday, June 8th

Medium Intensity, Intervals:

You can take two approaches here.