Thursday, January 21, 2010

Some Dietary Wisdom

Some psychology on training and dieting and why it works or doesn't . . .

The Marshmallow Test, Leangains Blogspot

This is the blog of Martin Berkhan, nutritional consultant and personal trainer. He's a little hardcore in his stance, but the conclusion of article and its points about overtraining and overindulging on break days rings very true for a lot of us. We need to stop thinking about training hard and depriving ourselves for those sweet sweet breaks. We need to think more about creating acceptable lifestyle changes that we can maintain for the long haul. For me, this is eating clean 75% of the time, working out hard 3 days a week, and actively leading a lifestyle that includes a lot of play and manual labor (I'm sorry, I'm a mom with a big yard, it can't be helped). Figure out what changes are going to make your life more ENJOYABLE so you don't have to obsess over the marshmallows.

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